Tulsa ice carvings | Scoop it like ice cream

This content was written for Millennium Ice

Millennium Ice truly is one of the best companies in Oklahoma to provide you with Tulsa ice carvings. That is because we’ve been able to create some the beautiful locks, whether it has been for businesses, personal parties, Gallas, or special events, we always go above and beyond in providing all of our clients with exactly what they were envisioning. We are able to hit the nail directly on the head, with our services. Because our employees, because attention to detail, and it is very unique creativity, imagination, and experience that provides them the best abilities to give you what you are looking for.

So if you are looking to find the key for us amazing Tulsa ice carvings, contact Millennium Ice. You can contact them a (918) 313-9463, and that they are very helpful, dedicated to the client, and always make sure that they are giving them 110%. It is only after we give you are all, that we are able to see our clients become extremely happy with our services. That is why if you go online to millenniumicecompany.com, you are going to see you many wonderful reviews, of our cold, hard to services. Because when it comes to ice carvings, sculptures, and even find that design, you will wind a ice company that knows what they’re doing.

That is why I can definitely tell you, and extra you, that he ice that we are going to be providing you, is some of the highest quality. Now what makes Millennium Ice ice any different than regular ice you get out of your freezer? Well let me tell you. Ice that you get from your freezer, is cloudy, dirty, and is used usually using unfiltered city water. It doesn’t go through a second filtration process, and as such and such being cloudy. Now how do you get that clear ice look? We do that through a special process. First we gather, then we we run it through a filtration system, then we boil the water, and then at the end of the process, you are met through our filter system once again. This make sure that there is no debris, or dirt in the water.

Boiling allows it to have that clear look. Because it boils out all the imperfections.
Another attention to detail that we adhere Tulsa ice carvings, is we are able to paint were ice sculptures. So if you want your ice sculpture to have a little flair, and have color to it, don’t worry, because we have got you covered. We provide you with the brightest yellow, red, blues, or provide you with more dull colors like brown, tan, black etc. We can create peacocks and turkeys, to seahorses and different types of fish. We are able to provide you with a perfect a sculpture for your birthday celebration or corporate event.

If you have any questions that are Tulsa ice carvings, please against a call (918) 313-9463. Because Millennium Ice is here to help you. We promise to provide you with the perfect ice sculpture, that looks beautiful and stunning, for any occasion. And when you work with Millennium Ice, you’re going to find that we are able to provide you a better ice sculptures, then elsa can.

Tulsa ice carvings | colder than ever before

This content was written for Millennium Ice

We are going to get straight to the point, and tell you that I think is the best company that can provide you with Tulsa ice carvings. That is because Millennium Ice has been around be Tulsa Oklahoma area for many years, and as such, we’ve been able to help many of our clients see you beautiful centerpieces and that their home, business, and special events. Because when it comes to ice, there is an of the no one better, not even Santa Claus, not Elsa, not Jack Frost, you can provide you with more beautiful ice sculptures been Millennium Ice can.

I sculptures are going to be colder than ever before, because when it comes to Tulsa ice carvings, you cannot pretty quickly. Especially if it is during the summertime. However with our new advanced equipment, and up-to-date systems, when we store your ice sculpture in our main building, we had a large walk-in cooler system, that gets down to -15°, because we want to make sure that your ice sculptures are going to stay in perfect condition. When we transfer your ice sculptures, our delivery truck is fitted with a high quality cooler system.

It would be awful, to provide you the perfect Tulsa ice carvings, and then put inside the truck to deliver to you, drive to your business, open up the doors, see that it have melted. I promise you are I sculptures are going to know in the perfect amount of time, they are not criminal to quickly, and they are not going to stay around forever. This way whether it is for a special event, or a corporate office meeting, everyone is going to be highly impressed by the ice sculpture. They are than the feel wonderful, because he went to the effort of trying to provide them with a high-quality centerpieces.

Other companies have nothing on that’s when it comes to ice carvings, because our employees are able to pay great attention to detail, so every nook and cranny, every flower petal, every year Ray of sunshine is detailed out in your ice carving. For instance, we recently created and delivered a seahorse ice sculpture to the aquarium. This seahorse, was about 5 feet tall, and a foot in diameter, and we were able to get details perfect all the way down to the last scale.

That because we are very creative, we are able to use our imagination to help us get a leg up in the ice business. So if you have any questions at all, please for free to call Millennium Ice, because we would love to provide you with one of the greatest quote for all of your ice needs. We can sit down with you, discuss your vision for your ice sculpture, and help to get it there. Or you can go online to our website@millenniumicecompany.com, in view some of our completed projects that we have done over the years. When you see the amazing work that we can do, you will want to work with us a right away.