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I didn’t know where to look to find an ice carving in Oklahoma for me. So I hopped on the Internet to try to find the best, I search for ice sculptures Oklahoma to see what would pop up. And I was floored at how many showed up I didn’t know there were that many. But I will say this the millennium ice company in Tulsa blew me away with their contact they have a gallery showing all their past projects all their past ice sculptures and I was super impressed by what I saw, so when I decided to pull the trigger on an ice carving that’s why you went with.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do as far as the ice carving, so I went ahead and started looking designs on the Internet. To see what other people had done so to speak. Now I finally came up with the design and I wanted to be this giant chef’s hat to celebrate the chef being accepted into the local communities Hall of Fame for chefs. Now when I approached the millennium ice company with this design I said listen I needed to find ice sculptures Oklahoma, and I went with you because I thought you were the best. Now prove it to me.

Boy did they prove it to me, when they showed up that day with that giant chef’s hat I was amazed, I cannot believe what I was seeing I’ve never seen an ice sculpture look like this before. So they pull up the unloaded out of the truck and here comes it is gorgeous they’ve got a glistening and is all these different colors inside of it. It was amazing to see. When they wheeled into the main dining area and the guests saw it for the first time they were so ecstatic to see this ice carving here in front of him. A couple people asked me where did you find ice sculptures Oklahoma? I looked at him and answered confidently you need to go to millennium ice company they are the ones to go with!

At the end of the evening I said hey what’s the best way to keep this ice lasting long and they said stick it in freezer which, I should’ve thought of that. I can’t wait to see you what next design they come up with. Because they are geniuses with what they do they have the talent and the skill behind them to be able to facilitate any needs that I have the future I’m confident of this. So when I’m going to do is next time I have an event I’m going to call millennium ice company because I need the best ice sculptures in Oklahoma.

Whatever comes next time I note this, that I’m going to place the first number in my caller ID as millennium ice company because they were just so amazingly hopeful this time. I.e. look forward to working with him again and I can’t wait to see what they do for you. If you need to reach out to them be sure to contact at 918-313-9463, or visit their website at