Ice sculptures in Tulsa OK | in all of Oklahoma

This content was written for Millennium Ice

If you are sitting down with your prom committee, and if you are deciding what kind of payment to go with for the upcoming dance that in a few months, your sibling ideas, and and neither you are able to agree upon one that you all love. Until someone mentions and that you post a frozen winter wonderland, that is going to make you feel like you stepped right into a snow globe. You think of this is brilliant, because we can get planning on this right away, there a lot of fun activities and things we could do with this theme, I love it! That is when you decide that for your main centerpiece, you’re going to have ice sculptures in Tulsa OK.

And so you set out on your journey, to find the perfect company to work with. You want to find a company will be able to provide you with ice sculptures in Tulsa OK, that me all of your needs, will be able to create a 12 foot ice sculpture, that is going to look like a gigantic snowflake. And so if someone finally gives you the contact information for Millennium Ice. Once you call Millennium Ice, you are able to schedule a free quote with them, and you and a few other of the members on your prom committee go and sit down.

Once the quote is over, you realize that Millennium Ice is a wonderful company that you can trust, you know that they are can provide you with excellent services, and other employees are extremely friendly. Because he were a high school, they are going to give you a small discount, and they are going to the get down to business and provide you with the perfect snowflake you have ever seen. Millennium Ice works day and night, to provide you with the perfect snowflake. They finish it a day before your prom begins, and then they are just bring in their walk-in freezer.

So one hour before the dance, they pull up to your high school, to deliver your ice sculptures in Tulsa OK, you open up the cooler door, Amy seated that it is still intact. It’s in one piece, it doesn’t look like it has melted at all, until you are pleasantly surprised. You help with the Millennium Ice team the, full in the ice sculpture to the middle of the dance floor. There you have it sitting in a gigantic pool surrounded by ice cubes that helps keep it cooler, and will help it last longer.

If you have any questions for Millennium Ice, how we can provide ice sculptures in Tulsa OK, whether you are a group of high school students, or you are needing something to amaze all of your clients for a corporate event. We can provide our ice sculptures for you. If you have any questions at all, please contact (918) 313-9463, or go online to our website We can’t wait to work with you, and we would love for you to see examples of work that we have done in the past. So please don’t hesitate if you have any questions, because we are the best company you could be working with and all of Oklahoma!