Why Not Something Different?

This Content Was Written for Millennium Ice Company

Millennium Ice Company is a company that provides a team of artistic professionals who can design and produce ice sculptures in Tulsa. For years we have been the number one choice for people who are looking for ice sculptures and something different to be on the showcase at their event. We had competitive pricing, can make just about anything and have a friendly staff that can accommodate your every need when it comes to your ice sculpture. Visit us online to review our testimonials, art gallery and be sure to talk to one of our representatives from making a custom sculpture for you. Call today at 918-313-9463 to receive more information and get a free quote today by scheduling your appointment with our team.

Millennium Ice Company started because we simply love we do. We are a team of artistic people who love working with our hands and lovemaking customizable creations that make people smile. As we move forward in creating ice sculptures in Tulsa, we found that there was a viable business and that people actually wanted sculptures for events, special occasions and for wedding receptions. We started to start the company and put our artistic ability to use. People absolutely love it. Ice sculptures is a great way to be able to over deliver for your clients and to do something different in your event. We can make just about everything and are even able to make bowls we can serve food in your upcoming event to your guests.

As an event coordinator you are always looking for something different and something exciting to be able to provide for your client. We’ve worked with several event planners over the years who are putting together wedding receptions, corporate events and different types of parties. As you’re on the hunt for something different why not consider ice sculptures in Tulsa? This is a centerpiece that is going to stand out and it can also be turned into something useful as you’re able to serve food out of it. It’s something that is an expensive, something exciting and something that can be disposed of easily at the end of the night. You simply stick it outside in the lawn and wait for it to melt. There’s no easier cleanup in an ice sculpture from Millennium Ice Company.

Millennium Ice Company is always focused on making sure were providing exactly what you want out of your ice sculptures in Tulsa. Each person has a different vision and something different that they want us to produce. Our artistic ability allows us to shape, sculpt and produce original pieces that include logos, initials and even serving platters. When we sit down with you we want to understand your vision, your theme for the event and make sure that we can produce nice sculpture that accommodates everything that you’re already planning on doing. Ice sculptures something that will make heads turn and will enable people to remember your event for a long time. Don’t be like every other event that you’ve ever been to. But get something that’s going to make you stand out.

Millennium Ice Company is waiting for your call. We are excited to be able to provide you with a great quality sculpture and it allows us to use our passion and artistic ability to produce a product that people are looking for. Where the number one choice throughout the city and we’ve been serving businesses for many many years. This is something different, something new and something that is sure to get your guests talking. For more information on pricing, sculpting and the turnaround time please visit us online today. Sign up to get your free quote and me with one of our sculptors today to go over all the details of what you’re looking for out of your ice sculpture. We are excited to be able to work with you.

Ice Sculptures In Tulsa For Every Occasion

This Company Was Written for Millennium Ice Company

Millennium Ice Company is one of the number one providers and one of the number one companies that brings the top ice sculptures in Tulsa for businesses, a dense and any occasion. Our focus is always been taking artistic ability and turning it into something useful for business owners, celebrations and parties of all kinds. If you’re looking for something different and something that can stand out to make all of your guests say “wow” than give us a call today at 918-313-9463 to see how we can accommodate you with a great ice sculpture for your upcoming event or your upcoming celebration in the city of Tulsa.

Ice sculptures in Tulsa is something that’s different, something unique and something that is going to stand out from the crowd. We provide sculptures for all different types of events which include wedding receptions. A wedding reception or a wedding ceremony is a great place to showcase an ice sculpture. We bring you a team of artistic professionals who understand how to manipulate the ice in such a way that we can create shapes, letters and even statues. We can provide you with a beautiful ice sculpture that represents your undying love for each other and will make your guests remember your wedding for years to come. If you’re looking for something different for your wedding and ice sculpture might be an ideal choice.

This is also a great way for you to be able to over deliver for your clients. We’ve worked with marketing consultants who have purchased several of our ice sculptures in Tulsa in order to showcase their appreciation and their love for their clients. Small business owners absolutely love something different and is something that will stand out from any other gift that you give them. A fruit basket is nice. A bottle of wine is nice. But why not an ice sculpture? Why not something is going to make them remember you and make them remember who you are for a long time? An ice sculpture is one step above over delivering for your clients and for your business partners.

This is also a great centerpiece to have for a party or for an event. We specialize in customizing ice sculptures according to the needs of the client and we can make just about anything. We’ve made initials, logos, animals and even people. Whatever you’re looking for out of your ice sculpture service we provide here at Millennium Ice Company. We’re the top company in town that provides this type of service and you won’t find anyone more dedicated than our team. We started this company could we found our love for sculpting can be turned into a viable business that people didn’t even know that they wanted. Ice sculpture is that way to stand out above the crowd for your event, for your client and for your upcoming wedding.

We customize everything from start to finish and we want to understand exactly what the client is looking for before we begin working. We sit down with you during our free consultation and understand exactly what you’re looking for outdoor sculpture. Even put lights to the sculpture. Our number one goal is to provide you with a great centerpiece and something that can stand out from anything that you’ve ever bought in the past for your event. We are easy to work with, affordable and to make just about anything. Schedule your appointment today to get started with the number one sculptors in the city. You won’t be disappointed with our service or our ice sculpture that we deliver.