Ice, Ice Baby

This content was written for Millennium Ice.

Did you know that you can find quality ice sculptures in Tulsa? Millennium Ice of Tulsa, Oklahoma offers premium ice sculptures here in the Heart of America. From Pistol Pete to an aquatic creature, Millennium Ice has your the perfect sculpture for you. An ice sculpture will leave your guests saying, “Wow!” For more information or to have any of your questions answered please contact Millennium Ice at 918-313-9463. Their team of diligent customer service representatives would be more than happy to help you with your icy needs. Need a quote? You can visit at your convienence to receive a custom quote.

Do you remember watching movies as a child and staring in awe of the impressive ice sculpture sitting front and center at the ritzy parties? Then you’d spend the next afternoon trying to carve your own swan from an ice cube with a butter knife. Okay, so maybe that was just me. However, you could still be the envy of all your friends by showing them up with a remarkable frozen sculpture. It will take even the most bland party to the next level. With this level of fancy, you’ll have to keep your pinky up as you sip on your adult beverage.

Not only can you find ice sculptures in Tulsa, but you can even have a colored ice sculpture made. An ice sculpture is awe inspiring enough, so just imagine what a colored ice sculpture could do for you. Even the coldest hearted employer can’t help but to be amazed by an ice sculpture. Imagine how impressed your boss would be as you wheeled in a monumental ice sculpture featuring your business’ logo in full color into your next boring and ever so blah board meeting. I bet you’d even get a promotion and a date with the new secretary. Maybe not, but you never know until you try.

Have a wedding or other special occasion quickly approaching? Call Millennium Ice of Tulsa at 918-313-9463 and have a custom ice sculpture made for your event. An ice sculpture will bring a touch of class to any standard old party. Your snooty relatives will be thrilled by a gorgeous swan tastefully crafted from frozen water. You could even have a shrimp cocktail bowl crafted from ice. Just imagine all the glacial possibilities having ice sculptures in Tulsa could present to you.

You can have an ice sculpture made in any shape or even color that your heart desires. If you can dream it Millennium Ice can create it. Need a giant decanter to chill your personal decanter of whiskey? Consider it done! Can’t think of a new way to proclaim your deepest love for Oklahoma City Thunder? How about with a full color icy display featuring their logo and keeping your beers at a perfect chill? Whatever occasion you may be preparing for an ice sculpture from Millennium Ice of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the way to keep it cool.

  • Add a Little Class to Your Party

    This content was written for Millennium Ice.

    Ice sculptures in Tulsa, Oklahoma, may seem like a far fetched idea, but Millennium Ice is bringing that idea to life. Millennium Ice is your go to company for your ice sculpture aspirations in America’s Heartland. They offer a multitude of custom shapes and even colored ice sculptures to help bring your party to life. More information is just a phone call away. Contact Millennium Ice at 918-313-9463. Their customer service team would be more than happy to assist you through your ice sculpture adventure. To get in touch for a custom quote at any time, day or night, visit Millennium Ice online at

    Perfect for birthday parties, company events and weddings, ice sculptures in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are a unique touch for any special event. Millennium Ice even offers colored ice sculptures to take your gathering to a whole new level. Imagine the look on your children’s faces when they see that you brought to life their Frozen fantasies with an Olaf sculpture or Elsa’s ice castle. What little girl would not love to have an ice sculpture at her next birthday party. Be the best parent on the block and make the other kids jealous by having Millennium Ice bring your child’s dreams to life.

    Millennium Ice can even take your husband’s sports obsession to a whole nother level. You may not understand why he wears the same jersey every Sunday, but you do not judge him. Instead, you love and support him in all of his sport fanatical dreams. Show him how much you care, and surprise him with an ice sculpture of his favorite sports team’s mascot. From an on par Pistol Pete to a full color Oklahoma City Thunder display, Millennium Ice has the ice sculptures in Tulsa that you need to bring a smile to your hubby’s face.

    Corporate events are the perfect place to bring your A game with the delivery of an ice sculpture from Millennium Ice. Your boss will be in awe of your intrepidity as you wheel in your company’s logo displayed upon clear, flawless ice for the world, well maybe just the board room, to see! How could your boss not promote you for your ingenious idea? No logo is too big or small for Millennium Ice to bring to life. Make your big idea come to life at your next corporate party by calling Millennium Ice at 918-313-9463.

    From birthday parties to corporate events, no event is the wrong event for an ice sculpture. Ice sculptures can be used to chill your beverage of choice. If crablegs are more your thing, then throw them on ice that has a little more class than your run of the mill cube. Believe me your seafood would thank you if it could. Bring joy to the one’s you love by adding a little pizzazz to their next party. Delight your new spouse by proclaiming your love from a sculpture made of frozen water. Ice sculptures are the party decor of the future that are ready for you today.

  • Class Up Your Event With Ice

    This content was written for Millennium Ice.

    It may seem far fetched, but did you know that you can find ice sculptures in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Millennium Ice is your premier place to find quality ice sculptures for all your special occasion needs. Support a local business in America’s Heartland and purchase a custom ice sculpture for your next event. For more information, feel free to call Millennium Ice at 918-313-9463. Their customer service team would be delighted to help you with any of your icy needs. You can also receive a custom quote online from

    An ice sculpture is the perfect way to class up your special occasion. Guests will be left awestruck by your chosen ice sculptures frosty beauty. Whether you are hosting an ocean inspired party or rocking an 80’s Party, Ice sculptures in Tulsa, Oklahoma can be crafted into a multitude of different designs. Visit to view a gallery of their previous work. Any of Millennium Ice’s designs are sure to impress even your snootiest of guests. Put your pinkies up while you sip on your punch because Millennium Ice’s ice sculptures are going to take your party to a whole nother level of class.

    Did you that nine out of ten people that I just surveyed in my mind wish that they had, had an ice sculpture at their last event? The one, who did not wish they had an ice sculpture, had never even thrown a party before because they do not have any friends. If my imaginary lonely surveyed person had friends, they would definitely want an ice sculpture to at their special occasion. Any ice sculpture of any shape or size is sure to make any and all of your guests uber jealous of your sheer awesomeness. Do not be that imaginary friendless person, give Millennium Ice a call and get your party started.

    Millennium Ice even offers colored ice sculptures in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Whether you are an Oklahoma City Thunder fan or a Pistol Pete devotee, Millennium Ice can help you bring your A game to your next sports bowl party. Leave your pals green with envy when they see your custom made ice sculpture chilling your six pack. Wow your boss when you come wheeling in a spectacular frozen sculpture featuring a color replica of your company’s logo. It looks like somebody is going to need a promotion!

    Big or small, no event should be without an ice sculpture. They are a convenient yet classy way to keep your beverages chilled. Ice sculptures are an even better way to serve up your jumbo shrimp cocktail platter is seafood is more your style. Weddings can be made a shimmering success by an icy centerpiece. Imagine how happy your new bride will be when you profess your love to her in frozen water! No matter what your ice sculpture need, Millenium Ice will be there to help. There sculptures will leave you singing, “Ice, ice baby!”