Frozen Dreams

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It may seem like crazy talk, but you can get your very own custom ice sculptures in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Millenium Ice is bringing you easy access to this aww inspiring party decor that was once saved exclusively for the haughty taughty. Their team can skillfully craft and design your most ambitious party needs. To receive a quote visit them online at You can also speak directly to their team at 918-313-9463. They would be thrilled to tell you how an ice sculpture can up your party game.

Ice sculptures in Tulsa, Oklahoma may be a novelty, but they are nothing new to the rest of the world. It was discovered that in the 1600’s Chinese farmers would flood their fields with water prior to the freeze then later cut out blocks of ice. The first ice known “ice palace” was commissioned by empress Anna Ivanovna in 1739 as depicted in the 1878 oil painting by Valery Ivanovich Jacobi. Todays ice sculpting is most commonly associated with the culinary arts with many of the foremost sculptures having learned the talent in culinary schools. The tradition of creating art from edibles has been around since the Middle Ages according to the book Ice: The Nature, the History and the Uses of an Astonishing Substanance.

You too can party like royalty with your very own ice sculptures in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Treat your little prince or princess to an ice sculpture at their next party. Your children would love to see their favorite cartoon character come to life through ice. Be the hero parent that wheels in a crystal clear frozen sculpture of rudolph complete with red nose to your child’s next school Christmas party. Heck, why wait until winter time to make the other kids green with envy? Why not throw a Christmas in July party chock full of frozen figures?

Any and all guests will be impressed by the presence of an ice sculpture. They virtually guaranteed to leave party goers saying wow. Your boss will have their mind blown when your come carting in an ice sculpture to the next boringly bland board meeting. Now imagine the look on their faces when that ice sculpture features a full color display of your company’s logo. That’s right! Millennium Ice offers colored ice sculptures. Bring a smile to your graduates face when you surprise them with their school mascot in crystal clear ice.

From wedding to business meetings no event is too big or too small to come armed with ice. No party is the wrong party for a frozen centerpiece of crystal clear ice. Create impressive food displays by having your seafood chilled in a custom ice sculpture. Be the man at the next sports bowl party with a custom ice sculpture featuring your team’s mascot in full color keeping those adult beverages icy cold. Order ice sculptures from Millennium Ice and bring your A game to your next party. Call the team at 918-313-9463 today!

Custom Ice Sculptures

This content was written for Millennium Ice.

You may live in America’s heartland, but you can still find ice sculptures in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Millennium Ice is the go to place for all of your Oklahoma ice sculpture needs. Make all your guests stop in awe. Leaving them only able to say a single word, “WOW!” That is what an ice sculpture could do for you, and they are so simple to obtain. Give the good folks at Millennium Ice a call at 918-313-9463. Their fantastic customer service team would be more than happy to assist you with your frozen aspirations. To get a quote, you can also visit at your convenience.

An ice sculpture is one of those rare items that leaves everyone young and old impressed. As a child you may have watched movies where the rich family has an elegant swan crafted of crystal clear ice sitting front and center at their party. Well now you too can be the picture of class and elegance. Be the talk of the town and show up that annoying neighbor with one easy call you could get your own ice sculptures in Tulsa from Millennium Ice. You won’t regret your decision to up your party game with an icy cold sculpture of frozen water.

Millennium Ice can even take that already upped game to a completely new level by adding color to your ice sculpture. Do you think that’s just a plain old reindeer ice sculpture hanging out at your company Christmas party? Think again my friend! It is Rudolph, complete with a bright red nose. How impressed would your boss be if you were the one carting in a magnificent frozen sculpture. You could be THAT guy. Give Millennium Ice a call today.

Getting married soon? Wow your fiancée and have put your love on display through an ice sculpture featuring her new last name. Do you have a girl that thinks you are invisible? Break the ice and leave a glorious ice sculpture on her doorstep. There is no better way to proclaim your new found love than through ice. Are you a woman looking to show that special man that you do not understand his sports obsession, but you love him anyhow? Show up at his next big bowl party with a skillfully crafted ice beer holder featuring his team’s mascot in full color. If he is not a beer drinker, bring him a meticulously carved sculpture of the aforesaid mascot. Either way he will know for sure that you care.

Bringing home your own ice sculptures in Tulsa, is a great way to support a local business and look live the bees knees while doing it. Anybody who is anybody knows where to get their ice sculptures in the heartland:  Millennium Ice. Be the envy of the neighborhood, win the girl, and give Millennium Ice a call. You are just a phone call away from having your own statement ice sculpture, and wowing all your guests. Icy awesomeness is just a phone call away.

Awesome Parties Start With Ice

This content was written for Millennium Ice.

It may be pushing one hundred degrees outside, but ice sculptures in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are keeping your party at the right level of cool. Millennium Ice is the premier place to find the perfect ice sculpture for your special event needs. To get your own custom ice sculpture for your next event, reach out to Millennium Ice at 918-313-9463. Their customer service team may deal in frozen goods, but they are anything but cold hearted. For easy access any time, day or night, visit Millennium Ice online at You can also get in touch through their website’s “Get A Quote” tab.

Every one of the ice sculptures in Tulsa that Millennium Ice, is crystal clear, unique and perfect for any of your special event needs. Imagine the look on your little boy’s face when you wheel in an icy replica of his favorite superhero. What about the squeals of delight from your little girl when you present her favorite icy princess at her next birthday party? You can be awesome parent that the other kids on the block wishes was their mom or dad, and the one that all the other parents secretly despise because now they have to up their birthday game. Make your neighborhood green with envy and add a little ice to your next party.

Ice sculptures may have been around for centuries, but they are never going to be an antiquated piece of party decor. What stack of crab legs would not to be chilled by a monumental ice sculpture of another aquatic creature? Keep your beverages at the perfect icy temperature by having a custom ice sculpture made for your next event. You can even use an ice sculpture as a statement making centerpiece at your party. Check out Millennium Ice’s online gallery at to get inspired for your upcoming event.

Guests are always left to gaze in awe over ice sculptures. Young and old marvel in seeing a masterpiece sculpted from frozen water. Ice sculptures in Tulsa are the new go to centerpiece to have at your wedding. Proclaim your love through ice! Show your new father-in-law that you are the man by having an ice sculpture created in his daughter’s honor. Who could deny your sheer awesomeness when you are responsible for having an ice sculpture commissioned for your wedding day. Not only will your wife thank you, but your icey cold beverages will, too.

Custom ice sculptures can take a boring, bland party to a ritzy tell your friends about it kind of soiree. Your boss and co-workers will want you to be in charge of all the party planning when you wheel in an ice sculpture depicting your company’s logo in full color. Children from all across the neighborhood will be left dumbfounded by your magnificent parental party throwing skills when you have Millennium Ice bring your child’s favorite characters to life. Your new wife will sob tears of joy when you show how much you love her through an intricate ice sculpture on your wedding day. Be that wonderful party planner and contact Millennium Ice for your ice sculpture today!