Ice Carving Tulsa

Ice Carving Tulsa | Why Should I Get My I Sculptures From Millennium Ice Company?

If you’re someone who wants to impress their guests at the party then you should consider getting an eye sculpture to up the party factor at your party. Everyone is gonna be completely jealous about your eye sculpture because it’s one of those things that turns heads and it makes everyone see how bougie and classy that you are. If you want to turn heads at your party then you need to get an eye sculpture that is huge and is amazing. The people at Millennium Ice Company are gonna be able to create the best ice carving in Tulsa that you will ever see. Everyone is to be talking about I sculpture for years to come.

Whenever you work with Millennium Ice Company they are gonna be able to provide you with the best ice carving from Tulsa that you have ever seen. You can have your imagination come to life with I sculptures that they create. You’re gonna be able to make an eye sculpture for any occasion that you have. You can be that person that I sculpture at every occasion just to show how bougie you are. So whether you have an occasion such as a wedding, a graduation, a business meeting, a sporting event, a conference, a birthday celebration, whatever occasion that you have for your I sculpture you are going to impress everybody who shows up and sees it.

At Millennium Ice Company they are gonna be able to make whatever type of ice Carving from tulsa that you are looking for. If you wanted to have them make a life-size Dragon for you, they will be able to do that. If you want them to make you a Statue of Liberty they will be able to make that for you as well. So regardless of what the occasion is, there’s always an eye sculpture that can be made to make the occasion even better. For weddings you can get a sculpture such as lovebirds, or giant heart, or a swine, to show the love between you and your spouse. For graduation you can get I sculpture of the school mascot or have a picture of the mascot in the ice. Yes you are able to have pictures with in your eye sculpture to further show exactly why you are celebrating your occasion with that ice sculpture.

You can even make your eye sculpture multifunctional. You can put food on your eye sculpture and everyone will have to gather around and look at it which is exactly what you want whenever you get an eye sculpture. You can have food such as shrimp cocktails, fruit, sushi, any type of food that needs to be cold for a long period of time because your eye sculpture is going to last between 46 hours normally. It definitely depends on where you keep your eye sculpture, like whether it is inside or outside, and what the temperature is going to be in those places. And what’s even better is that with I sculpture there’s no special way that you have to dispose of it because it’s completely made of water. So let it melt and clean up the water and that is it.

If you are interested in becoming a client with Millennium Ice Company you should fill out their contact card on their website at or give them a call at (918) 313-9463 and they will reach back to you quickly.