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So picture this is Thanksgiving is a week away and you don’t have any idea of how you’re going to make the special day even more special for your family. You go online user scouring the Internet and you finally find something that you think might make it even more special. Ice carving. You think the ice carving would be amazing the question is: where do you find ice carving Tulsa? So you start hunting it down you start looking at what you find millennium ice company! These guys are the best hands down! There is nobody better.

So I started thinking man will be really cool carving for them to make for me and I think I came up with the best answer. A giant ice turkey! When I approached him with this idea they were ecstatic they said yes we would love to make a giant ice turkey for you. We are the best ice carving Tulsa and we will not be beat! They said gives a couple days kind of drop and design a drop in idea and we are going to give back to you. So I did and I waited and when they called me I was ecstatic! They said we have the perfect design for you we will go ahead and get started on this were gonna knock it out don’t worry about a thing were gonna deliver to you you have to worry about a thing.

The night before I couldn’t sleep I was so excited to see what this giant turkey was going to look like and when they pulled up and loaded it out of their truck I was super excited. They had carved this perky turkey perched upon a ice log and it was so detailed and so amazing to look at I didn’t want to touch it. I said please take it inside And put it in the kitchen. My family and I are super competitive and we always try to outdo each other and who can bring the best surprise to the holidays. I know for sure I outdid all of them!

When my brothers walked into the kitchen and saw this giant turkey sitting on this ice log it was amazing to see the looks on their faces! they could not believe that I had found ice carving Tulsa! And they began asking the questions on where I got it who I paid how much I paid I began answering them all and then I got them all recommendations are gone all connected to the millennium ice company! I know that I’m going to have to up my game for Christmas, because I’m sure they are going to try and copy what I did for Thanksgiving.

This year whenever I have a party or an event I know that I’m going to have an ice sculpture to go along with it so for the best ice carvings in Tulsa be sure to check out millennium ice company if you aren’t sure about yet trust me on it. Go ahead and check out their gallery at or give them a call at 918-313-9463