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You’re trying to find ice sculptures in Tulsa millennium ice is where you are going to look. They’ve been doing it for quite a while and they’re just now starting to get around getting big because of a big deal they do great work and they’re good at what they do.

You can go home and go to Millennium Ice Company dot com and on the Web site you’re going to be able to see tons of pictures of examples of some of the great work.

It’s phenomenal of what they can do. I mean they’ve done everything from mass CEOs to the Colts the saints the NFL the Oklahoma City Thunder quick troop everything. I’ve done it all. They have some phenomenal sculptures. In fact they have seahorses and fish. It’s great what they can do with tar’s hearts all over the place. They are great at what they can do. And if you’re trying to impress a client this is one way to do it. Ice cold though. How are they going to forget something like that especially when it’s in such detail the way they do it. If they if your business client walks in and they see this ice sculpture of the business logo and this much detail they’re going to be blown away they’re going to be in art. It’s going to be incredible for them and hopefully a boost for you. You can also go to the Web site and you can go see their testimonials. One of them from a show piece says the company will do a sculpture for a money company and they were blown away by what they were able to create. Everyone saying wow. Now is what you want to hear. Whenever you get an ice sculpture you want to hear everyone say why you want to see me. You want everyone to go look at it and check it out and see how amazing it is because it truly is amazing. They come in some great detail.

So whenever you’re trying to Find Ice Sculptures In Tulsa and also remember millennium lights because there isn’t any other place to Find Ice Sculptures In Tulsa and it’s other than on the ice. You go on their website and you’re going to be able to contact them. Are you going to do is leave your name your e-mail and your phone number and any comments or concerns that you have with them. You can also call them at 9 1 8 3 1 3 9 4 6 3 and you’re able to get an online quote today. And right now by going on their website at Millennium Ice Company dot com. So when you’re looking to find ice sculptures in Tulsa go to them. Call them at 9 1 8 3 1 3 9 4 6 3. You can go on their website and you’re going to be able to see everything they have they can do anything from weddings graduations corporate events office parties business meetings official gatherings sporting events catered diners special occasions conferences birthday celebrations and that’s just a small amount. They can do pretty much anything. And if you’re going to order an ice from them they’ll do it. They are very good at what they’re doing. They’re on Facebook and Twitter as well. And you can check it out. Go to the Web site when you miss company and check out their web. See how high quality it is. You can see in the background they have you normally you shouldn’t enormous my van ice sculptures. Like I said you’re able to go see testimonials from people you don’t get to learn more about them and what they’ve had to do to get where they are and how they’ve done it and how they are growing and what they’re doing.

So don’t go and try and find sculptures in Tulsa or anywhere else because you’ve already found our sculptures in Tulsa and it’s right here.

Let me ask you we’re going to need to go anywhere because of how fantastic this place is. Just go online go look at their Web site. That is incredible. I’ve seen ice sculptures before on cruise ships and they blow me away if they blow me away. I’m sure they’ll probably just about anyone away. So you getting an ice sculpture for someone or some of that is going to be special it’s going to be remembered and you need to give them a call at 9 1 8 3 1 3 9 4 6 3