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The big game was coming up. i needed to impress the boss, the players, the other coaches, as well as the alumni and guests to this historic event. I could not anticipate the tenacity behind an ice sculpture. I didn’t expect to see what I saw that night I had to find the best Tulsa ice sculptures! It was going to ask into the game perfectly, and if we won it would just put one extra cherry on top of the cake of winning that night. I could not wait to see what was going to happen the evening.

We’re going up against one of the hardest teams in the nation, and we needed to show our skill and our elegant styles. When millennium ice company pulled up to the venue with our sculpture I was floored. I believe my eyes they had perfectly crafted a mascot and had it made it so incredible. When my boss came up to me and he said you did the best job when I told you to find the best Tulsa ice sculptures. I might even give you a raise I don’t know, maybe maybe not. The players played great that night and the coaches were all blown away by the ice sculpture and everything else that venules was a fantastic night.

Now you might ask me what made this I sculpture so awesome well answered for in the red able to carve an exact replica of our mascot out of ice. The evening colored in orange for our school’s colors. We were floored by how amazing it and it looked exactly like the picture we gave him to go off of.

One thing I will say is that I did not anticipate how long that Ice sculpture was going to last, I thought it would last for an hour or two but no it lasted the entire evening and into the next day. I can still see what it was doing when I left for work the next day. If you need to find the best Tulsa ice sculptures, that you need to go to millennium ice company they know exactly what they’re doing and are prepared to take care of you and your needs. One of the players even walked up to me afterward and asked was that did this I sculpture, so that they can go and have him do for themselves for a party.

Next time that I have a big event, I know exactly how to get to the boss’s good side. I’m going to go into millennium ice company and I’m going to have them make me the best I sculpture. Because I know how to find the best Tulsa ice sculptures, the solution is simple you go to millennium ice company. Now you may not be sure about pointer trigger let me put your mind at ease they have the best designs. If you want to go to the website check it out at You can also give him a call at 918-313-9463.